Hypixel – Tips and tricks

Hypixel is:

  • playble only with original Minecraft client
  • optimized for version 1.8.9
  • hosted here: https://www.inap.com/
  • one of the biggest minecraft community
  • playable here: play.hypixel.net
  • honorable to VIP gamers. If you buy VIP, you can play during maintenance

Server resets

in US

  • Daily resets 9:00 AM, EST
  • Weekly resets at 9:45 AM, EST, Sunday morning.
  • Monthly resets at 9:45 AM, EST, the first day of the month.

in Europe

  • Weekly always resets Sunday: 1:30 PM (GMT)
  • Daily resets every day at: 1:30 PM (GMT)