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Play Bed Wars, SkyWars, Murder Mystery and many more unique Minecraft minigames on the Hypixel Server, all you need to do is log in! In Minecraft, go to Multiplayer, then Add Server. Enter mc.hypixel.net into the server address box and click Done.

Hypixel is:

  • one of the biggest minecraft community

  • playble only with original Minecraft client

  • playable here: play.hypixel.net

  • hosted here: https://www.inap.com/

  • optimized for version 1.8.9 and above

  • honorable to VIP gamers. If you buy VIP, you can play during maintenance

  • rank never expire

Server resets:

in US

  • Daily resets 9:00 AM, EST
  • Weekly resets at 9:45 AM, EST, Sunday morning.
  • Monthly resets at 9:45 AM, EST, the first day of the month.

in Europe

  • Weekly always resets Sunday: 1:30 PM (GMT)
  • Daily resets every day at: 1:30 PM (GMT)

List of Minigames

BedWars, SkyWars, MurderMystery, Arcade, UHC, Arena, BuildBattle, CVC, CrazyWalls, Duels, MegaWalls, Paintball, Quakecraft, SG, SmashHeroes, SpeedUHC, TNT, TurboKart, VampireZ, Walls, Warlods

Ranks (Abilities and rewards)

The following ranks can be purchased at the Hypixel Store. The ranks category on the store will always contain up to date information about sold ranks.

RankAbilities and rewards
VIP– In Game Chat Prefix [VIP] – Green chat name color
– /fw command to summon Fireworks
– Mailboxes in Housing
– 1 exclusive gadget
– Can open 4 star mystery boxes
– Up to 97 exclusive cosmetic items in mini-games
– VIP Avatar Frame on the forums
– Post Background selection for VIP
VIP+– All perks from VIP
– In Game Chat Prefix [VIP+] – Ability to create Guilds
– Wild Ocelot Baby pet
– Up to 181 exclusive cosmetic items in mini-games
– VIP+ Avatar Frame on the forums
– Post Background selection for VIP+
MVP– All perks from VIP and VIP+
– In Game Chat Prefix [MVP] – Blue chat name color
– 6 exclusive gadgets
– Can open 5 star Mystery Boxes
– Up to 208 exclusive cosmetic items in mini-games
– MVP Avatar Frame on the forums
– Post Background selection for MVP
MVP+– All perks from VIP, VIP+, and MVP
– Default In Game Chat Prefix [MVP+] – Ability to change the + to a custom color
(unlock colors by leveling in game)
– Skywars Map Selector
– Murder Mystery Map Selector
– Bedwars Map Selector
– Achievements Tracking
– Particle Packs
– Ride and Control Pets (lobbies)
– Punch Staff (sends them flying in the air)
– 14 exclusive gadgets
– Can open 5 star Mystery Boxes
– Up to 229 exclusive cosmetic items in mini-games
– MVP+ Avatar Frame on the forums
– Post Background selection for MVP+

Playing with Friends (commands)

Playing Minecraft with friends is the best way to waste your time. Add your retarded friends to your friends list. A list of friend commands, /f can be used instead of /friend.

/friend helpLists all friend commands
/friend addAdd a player as a friend
/friend acceptAccept a friend request
/friend denyDecline a friend request
/friend listLists your friends
/friend removeRemove a player from your friends
/friend requestsView friend requests
/friend toggleToggle friend requests
/msgOpens a chat conversation with a player
/msgSends a message to a player
/rReplies to the most recent private message (messages that were sent within 5 minutes‘ time)

Party management (commands)

With party system you can play with your friends together. Only the party leader can choose, which game will the party play. To teleport all your party members to one place, use command /party warp. Then go to your prefered lobby and click on game. You may do /p if you wish instead of /party.

/party help
Prints a list of party commands
/party invite
Invites the player to your party, creating one in the process if one is not already formed
/party leaveLeaves the current party
/party listLists the members of your party
/party promotePromotes the player to the party leader
/party homeWarps your party to your house
/party removeRemoves the player from your party
/party warpTeleports the members of your party to the server you’re in – This only works in pre-game lobbies and server lobbies
/party acceptAccepts a party invite from the player
/party disbandDisbands the party
/party settingsModifies settings for your party
/party challengeChallenges a party to a Cops and Crims duel
/party kickofflineKicks offline players from the party
/party privateCreates a private game for only the players in your party (YT, MVP++ and staff exclusive)
/pchatSends a message in party chat
/chat partySwitches you to the party chat channel
/streamAllows the party leader to experience an interactive streaming party where people can freely join. (MVP++ and YT exclusive)

Skyblock commands

Every player gets own private island to play with. You can create antoher „coop“ island and invite friends to play with. In order to teleport between these islands, you have to open menu „E“, then click on „star“ on the right side, then find „Profile Management“ icon. After that there are five block, each represent one profile / islands. First block is your private profile, the second one can be your coop profile. If you click on the second profile, it will automatically create new island which can be used as a coop islands.

Here is the list of commands, which has to be used to manipulate with SkyBlock islands. The most common is /coopadd <player> and /warp home.

/coopaddAdd player to coop islands
/sbmenuThe command to open your Sky Block menu
/warp hubWarping to HUB (Village)
/warp home (home = island)Warping to your island
/profilesOpening your SkyBlock profiles
/enderchestCommand to open your enderchest
/setspawnI have set a spawn on my island using

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