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V sekci Earn získáte za vyplnění kvízů danou kryptoměnu zcela zdarma. Odpovědi na jednotlivé otázky naleznete níže:


  2. What is CKB – Common Knowledge Base
  3. What consensus algorithm does the Nervos network use – Proof of Work (PoW)
  4. What 3 features can be attributed to the Nervos Blockchain?- Open source, permissionless and PoW secure
  5. Nervos blockchain is purposefully built for optimal – Layer 2 development and scaling
  6. What is the name of the Nervos Native token? The CKByte
  7. Nervos Native Token can be used for: All of the above
  8. The Nervos DAO acts as an: Inflation shelter from secondary issuance


  1. 1,500,000,000
  2. Oriental martial arts
  3. ETHGlobal hackathon in New York
  4. Porsche
  5. 42
  6. Russ Hanneman
  7. Pathfinder
  8. Ancient Greece


  1. 10,000,000,000
  2. An indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data
  3. Open…


  1. 3000000000
  2. Ethereum
  3. Playing Games
  4. Stablecoin
  5. VoxEdit
  6. All of the above
  7. All of the above
  8. Integrate them and publish their game experiences

Here are the answers for OXT:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 OXT

Q. What is NOT a weakness of traditional VPNs?

Ans: They cannot be used on public Wifi

Q. Why was Orchid created?

Ans: To build on the strength of VPNs and address their shortcomings.

Q. What is OXT?

Ans: The Orchid digital asset, used to enable its privacy marketplace.

Q. What is OXT’s role on Orchid?

Ans: It helps ensure ample bandwidth and strengthen privacy.

Q. What are Orchid credits?

Ans: Accounts pre-filled with OXT that can be purchased with nothing more than an ordinary credit card.

Q. Name one feature that allows Orchid to keep data more private than traditional VPN services.

Ans: Multiple hops between VPN providers.

Q. How many hops can be configured on Orchid?

Ans: As many as a user wants.

Total Supply: 223,000,000 HNT

Question: What type of devices connect to The People’s Network?

Answer: Internet Of Things (IoT) devices

Question: How many IoT devices are expected to need connectivity in the next five years?

Answer: 75 Billion

Question: What is the wireless technology Hotspots use to provide coverage?

Answer: LongFi

Question: What is the unit of exchange Hotspots earn?

Answer: HNT

Question: Which of the below is NOT a way a Hotspot earns HNT?

Answer: Providing Wi-Fi connectivity to nearby phones and computers

Question: What is Helium’s novel proof algorithm that is used to verify Hotspots are real and located where they say they are?

Answer: Proof-Of-Coverage

Question: What is the unit of exchange IoT devices use to pay for connectivity?

Answer: Data Credits

1.What Terra stablecoins exist?*

The right answer – All of the above (although they’re not above in the quiz)

2. Can anyone propose to mint a new stablecoin pegged to a new currency?*

The right answer – Yes

3. How many users does the Chai app have?*

The right answer – 2,000,000

4. Can you earn interest on your UST stablecoins using certain dApps?*

The right answer – Yes

5.How does the Anchor savings protocol give you interest?*

The right answer (in my opinion because I’m not really sure) – Block rewards from other proof of stake networks

6. What can you do with LUNA?*

The right answer – all of the above

7. Where does Terra rank in total accumulated transaction fees across all blockchains?*

The right answer – 3rd


1. Why is Band Protocol important for DeFi and smart contract use-cases ?
Answer :
 It reliably connects smart contracts to any external data-source or API

2. What is an example of decentralized finance (DeFi) using Band Oracle ?
Answer :
 All of the above.

3. What does Band Protocol offer in comparison to native blockchain-based oracle services ?
Answer :
Low cost, real-time data, support for any data type, customizability, scalability and cross-chain compatibility

4. How is the BandChain decentralized oracle network incentivized to fulfil oracle requests ?
Answer :
Validators and underlying stakers receive a data request fee and block reward

5. Why are validators who fulfil data requests on BandChain required to stake BAND ?
Answer :
Align economic incentives for validators…

6. What can BAND token holders do to help secure the network and earn a portion of data request fees ?
Answer :
 Delegate or stake Band for choosen validators(s).

7. The BAND token is used to pay for transaction fees on BandChain , similarly to ETH on Ethereum. If there is a higher usage of Band oracles then … ?
Answer :
More fees are generated through the network, rewarding validators ans stakers.

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