CoD Warzone: How to open Bunker 11 + Map

1. You’ll need to find a ringing phone with someone speaking Russian. You can find the locations in the following places

  1. The control room at Dam
  2. Office room in TV Station
  3. Scrapyard building in Boneyard
  4. Small building in Hills
  5. Blue office building next to superstore
  6. Back of Vacant in Port
  7. 1 Floor down from the big building in the centre of Downtown

2. The Russian person will then read three numbers in Russian followed by another chime.

  • 0 – ноль („nohl“)
  • 1 – один („a-deen“)
  • 2 – два („dva“)
  • 3 – три („tree“)
  • 4 – четыре („chye-tir-ye“)
  • 5 – пять („pyat“)
  • 6 – шесть („shest“)
  • 7 – семь („syem“)

This is a three-digit code that corresponds with nine other phones on the map. These are different phones to the seven you are initially looking for.

Here are their locations:

  • Phone #0: Small building at Military Base
  • Phone #1: Big Bank in Downtown
  • Phone #2: Middle floor of Ammo store building in between Military Base, Quarry and TV Station
  • Phone #3: Back building of Quarry on the ground floor
  • Phone #4: Police Station, north of Lumber, on the middle floor
  • Phone #5: Middle Server room in TV Station
  • Phone #6: Top of ATC tower at Airport
  • Phone #7: In the room where the crashed plane is pointing
  • Phone #8: Reception desk of Hospital
  • Phone #9: Top of Dam’s generator room

The phone numbers correspond to the digits and you will need to activate them in the correct order to open the door.